Open Educational Resources

The EcoMode open educational resources can be accessed from this webpage. The OERs are developed according to the “Eco-innovation business model manager” training course and the competences identified
in the competence map.

The OERS and training modules are addressed to entrepreneurs and managers working in the tourism sector interested in enhancing their eco-innovation skills and implementing them in their business models.
The OERs cover the following modules:
Module 1: Identify the Market
Module 2: Eco-Innovation in the Tourism Sector
Module 3: Collaboration with Key Partners for Eco-innovation
Module 4: Building Networks
Module 5: Starting Point towards Eco-innovation
Module 6: Eco-innovation in Action
Module 7: Transforming SMEs for an Eco-innovative Supply Chain
Module 8: Value Creation

Case studies are available here and if you want to access to the OERs page, click here.

The modules are fully autonomous and independent. You can follow the pre-established sequence of the 8 modules, or make your own learning path.
Each module and OER is developed according to the same structure: a short overview of the learning process, average work-load per module and main learning outcomes. The EcoMode team suggests to start every module with the “About the Module” section.
Each module contains OERs connected to the units and external resources which allow the user to enhance his/her knowledge on the topic.
At the end of each unit the user is asked to reflect on the topics through “Self reflection” questions, while at the end of each module there is a self assessment to evaluate the knowledge acquired throughout the module.

You can access the OERs directly from this link: EcoMode OERs.

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