Output 1 – EcoMode good practices collection for ECO – innovation in hospitality industry

This output consists in the collection of good practices in eco-innovative business in the hospitality industry. The good practices content will show the added value of eco-innovation approaches in terms of efficient use of resources, reducing the generation of residual waste and developing eco-innovative solutions. The good practices will provide a benchmark for the following outputs.

Output 2 – EcoMode Competence Map

This intellectual output delivers a competence map for Eco-innovation Business Model Manager. The competence map will describe competences (in terms of knowledge, skills and behaviours) which an Eco-innovation business model manager should have to innovate business in the hospitality industry. The competence map will be created by the partners by carrying out a comparison on key activities performed in their countries.

Output 3 – ECOMODE – Design of Training Modules

The output consists of 8 modules based upon “Open Innovation” Methodology for supporting managers, employers, employees, entrepreneurs and students to freely access learning material and develp skills to improve employment in the area of eco-tourism.

Output 4 – EcoMode Open educational resources

The OER platform will contain interactive learning modules for ECO-Innovative business managers.

Output 5 – EcoMode Training Course Plan for trainers

The output will be aimed at supporting trainers and VET organizations during the implementation of the ECOMODE training courses.

Output 6 – EcoMode app and game

A tool for helping managers and SME owners to access knowledge on the eco-innovation business model. and activities relating to the eco-tourism sector.

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