Module 1. Self-assessment

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Module 1

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According to the OECD Oslo Manual definition of innovation, what are the characteristics of innovation?

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What does eco- innovation mean?

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Eco-innovative business models allows to you to 

  1. Define your key partners
  2. Define your key resources, 
  3. Build a sustainable customer relationships
  4. Working on your own 

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If an organization aims to completion of a new method in the project’s business practices, workplace organization or external relations; this means that it is aiming to apply

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Which of the following skills is not belong to occupational skills of eco - innovation?

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 Which of the following characteristic is not belong to green jobs?

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X organisation from Turkey wants to decrease costs of service and increase the service quality of hotel. What kind of innovation should this organization carry out?

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Please fill in the blank with the appropriate legislation

“………………….. is one of the most effective policy instruments at EU level to encourage energy efficiency, estimated to contribute around half of the energy savings target for 2020.” 

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Which of the folllowing is not the key messages of the EU’s environmental legislations?

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“Living well, within the limits of our planet” is the main message of ? 

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When the Eco Innovation Action Plan (EcoAP) was launched by the EU ? 

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Which of the below countries has the best position in terms of environmental sustainability? 

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