App EcoMode

Description of the App

EcoMode – App and Game

The EcoMode App and game consists of an app to support the development of eco-innovation and sustainability principles among SMEs. It promotes a series of activities and games to support SMEs in the hospitality industry to become more sustainable and develop new eco-skills in own business.

The EcoMode App is designed to transfer basic principles of eco–innovation training and set essential strategies to activate eco-innovative processes in the hospitality industry. This app aims at supporting managers in intercepting ecological requirements of customers and optimise their managerial operations by minimising energy consumptions and waste. The app provides information on different activities to help owners in making decisions according to a more eco-innovative perspective. With the EcoMode app, you can also identify what your current skills on eco-innovation are, and the weaknesses of your own business to be boosted.

The EcoMode app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store

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