EcoMode Online Multiplier Event – Austria

We are pleased to introduce you to the results of the EcoMode online multiplier event organised by Bit management Beratung GmbH. In total 6 Austrian stakeholders attended the online event. The aim of the EcoMode project is to improve the eco-innovative competences among stakeholders in the tourism sector. The online event allowed to actively engage the target audience. The presentation focused on the project’s background, the partner organisations and outputs. In particular, attendees explored the project’s outputs concerning the following elements:

  • Examples of Best Practises in the participating countries
  • Competence Map
  • Developed learning content
  • OER Learning Platform
  • Training plan for trainers
  • EcoMode app and games

These aspects were discussed together with further possibilities of usage concerning the developed content.

Here you can find some pictures taken during the EcoMode online multiplier event.

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