EcoMode Multiplier Event in Italy

The Italian project partner Training 2000 is pleased to announce the result of the meeting held on the 18th December 2020. The multiplier event took place at the high school Istituto Istruzione Superiore Panzini in Senigallia (Italy), targeting VET trainers and VET organizations working in the hospitality industry.

In total 11 attendees took part in the event and they were introduced to an overall description about the EcoMode project – Fostering Eco-Innovative Business Model Development in SMEs in Hospitality Industry. The presentation especially focused on the project’s aims and outputs. In particular, they were introduced to the following project outputs: the competence map, the training modules, the best practices, the OERs and the EcoMode app. Special attention was also paid to the discussion and outlook on the possibilities of use of the developed content

At the end of the presentation, a discussion of a Q&A session was carried out, leading to the main conclusions.

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