MSKU has Conducted EcoMode’s ME in Mugla, Turkey

Dear stakeholders of EcoMode;

We are happy to announce that Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University organized an EcoMode Projects’ multiplier event on 26th November,2020 in Muğla. During this event the project team of MSKU introduced  all IOS of the EcoMode Project. By doing this the project team met the main purpose of the multiplier event . Besides this event got many positive responses from the 33 attendees who represent the different target groups of the EcoMode. by bringing these different 33 people around the region the project team highlighted EcoMode’s innovative dimension and its novel results. Also the attendees showed great interest in the project website and the application .  For instance the decison makers and stakeholders from Mugla Metropolitan Municipality and managers of the local hotels have promised to disseminate the project results in their local communities and social media accounts.

Briefly, team MSKU is thankful to their local and regional stakeholders for their attendance and interests to the project as a whole. Thanks very much for your thoughtful partnership.

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