Evaluate EcoMode training material!

Do you work in the tourism sector and are you passionate about environmental issues? Do you think that the development of environmentally-friendly business activities is a viable idea? EcoMode is waiting for you!

The Erasmus+ Project “EcoMode – Fostering Eco-innovative Business Models Development in SMEs in Hospitality Industry” was developed to raise awareness about the human impact on the environment. Its main goal is to promote training resources about eco-innovative and sustainable business models within the tourism and hospitality industries. The project especially involves SMEs operating in the hospitality and tourism sector within the partner countries to gather and collect the current best practices, leading towards the creation of a standard and improvement of eco-innovative skills.

We kindly encourage educators, trainers, managers and employees working in the hospitality sector to actively take part in the evaluation of the EcoMode training programme in order to develop and promote eco-innovative business models. The training course and materials developed within the EcoMode project were created by the following partner countries: Italy, Austria, Turkey, Hungary and Georgia.

The training programme is divided into eight modules, each translated into the respective national languages. Modules were developed according to the “open innovation” methodology and created to develop the necessary professional competences and skills to further improve activities and behaviours within the ecological tourism context. Contents will be delivered as open educational resources (OER) through the dedicated online platform. An additional tool will integrate these contents, that is the EcoMode App.

Are you ready to start? Your opinion is important and it may play a key role in spreading the knowledge and the practical skills about environmental protection and eco-sustainable business model development. Get in touch with us and take part in the EcoMode course evaluation!

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