Module 1. About The Module. Learning outcomes

The learner will be able to define:

  • Main terms and concepts of Eco-innovation in hospitality industry (including market insights, dynamics and key market players)
  • Occupations of Eco-innovation in hospitality industry in partner countries.
  • EU Law and Legislation on Eco-innovation in hospitality industry (inc. financial supports and incentives in partner countries)

Knowledge – The learner knows and understands:

  • Describe the structure of the market and market insights
  • Identify current occupations and occupational skills for Eco-innovation in the tourism industry
  • Understand European Union norms and action plans on Eco-innovation and identify different financial supports

Skills –  The learner is able to:

  • Compare the market insights
  • Define the sectoral requirements for occupations
  • Select the main norms and actions under which to act and choose appropriate financial supports

Competences – The Learner has the competences to: 

  • Discuss own vision on eco-innovation in the tourism industry 
  •  Illustrate needed occupations for eco – innovation in SMEs
  • Comply with the norms and financial support regulations when planning an eco-innovative idea

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